Welcome to Nuru The Light

Nuru The light is  an Artist, Lifestyle Blogger, Columnist and a Philanthropist who resides in Sweden. Her interest in music began at a very young age but was very shy and introvert about it. Nuru the Light attended school of performing Arts. while in school she got discovered by Stockholm Records (known as Universal Music Group) which later signed a recording contract with her at 16 years of age. She was at the label with the likes of The Cardigans, A teens, E type and many more. At this time, she made history by being the youngest signed artist on the label and they named her Danuma.

Nuru’s first single was called Look at your man. She then released Summertime which did really well all over Europe and she went on to release more singles as well being featured in other artists music. At 16, Danuma was touring all over Europe while attending school even though it was hectic, she managed to balance the ball.

Nuru The light emerged when she wanted move on and could not release music under the name Danuma. She went on to later release her first single Walimwengu which she wrote and co-produced. This became her first non-English song which she took over the African market by storm. This first single was produced by B. Ben Joe of the  Joevibes Productions and did very well in East Africa furthermore introducing her to a new market and venture. She continued the journey by releasing singles such as Msela, Muhogo andazi, Nsubiri Usilale to name a few.

Her blogging journey started at 2009 where she introduced her personal diary through visual stories which gained her even more fans and has continued do so to the present day.

Her love for fashion, music and art has really been a major part of her blogging and a pioneer through the years sharing her personal journey.

Despite all her achievements, Nuru The Light is a Philanthropist, a humanitarian who always engages herself by helping and funding different causes for women, the youths, children and everyone in need.